Unit for Corruption and Integrity Studies


The NWU Business School Specialised Units

South Africa faces numerous challenges, which relate in large part to the poor economic growth in the country and widespread corruption, which has in turn led to the degradation of infrastructure and a lack of ethical leadership. Within this context, business education is undoubtedly a key constituency in the political economy of South Africa, as its constructive participation can deliver essential gains and development to the economy.

The NWU Business School is guided by the need to be relevant to our continent and the belief that we have an obligation to use our expertise to address issues such as water shortages, food security, lack of leadership, health and safety, unemployment, corruption, and political instability, to name but a few. By hearing first-hand, the voices of Africa—their concerns, their needs—we are able to provide innovative ideas to change Africa for the better.

Based on our strategic direction and to incorporate responsible management, THE NWU BUSINESS SCHOOL AND ITS SPECIALIZED UNITS PLACE A FOCUS ON:


  • Reducing poverty and inequalities and focusing on sectors for job creation, for example, mining and agriculture.
  • Focusing on the fight against corruption and poor governance.
  • Promoting awareness about the sustainability of the environment, whether it is sustainable food, water, biodiversity, or renewable energy.

All the above is addressed within the
extension of our African footprint.

Unit for Corruption and Integrity Studies

The unit aims to provide thought leadership, create awareness, provide training, and facilitate interaction among relevant role players to develop the necessary capacity to combat corruption and related forms of economic crime that continue to impede African – and indeed also South African – economic, political, and social development.

The NWU Business School wants to position itself as a respected contributor to economic growth and a voice of reason by means of a distinctive commitment to raising awareness of the perils of corruption and cultivating business leaders with integrity and exceptional governance principles. Its Unit for Corruption and Integrity Studies (UCIS) aims to achieve this through targeted leadership development, thought leadership, and the establishment of influential research and discussion platforms and networks.


In collaboration with the NWU Programme in Forensic Accountancy, the unit continues to present five preparatory short courses for the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners’ board examination and to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in the fight for a better future.

We offer the following short courses: