Fundamental Management


Fundamental Management

The NWU Business School has special expertise in the field of Management. Emerging managers need a solid foundation of business skills and knowledge to fully develop their intellectual capability, to add significant value to the organisation and to qualify for a further promotion.

Admission Requirements:

Two years’ experience or participants who are earmarked by an organisation as managers. They should have the potential for advancement and require basic skills and knowledge to enhance their managerial effectiveness.

Learning assumed to be in place
National Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification. Supervisors and first-line managers with two years’ working experience or earmarked by the organisation as managers. Basic working skills and knowledge are required to enhance their managerial effectiveness are required.


Admission to a final open-book assessment is subject to satisfactory progress with the required learning content of a module. Participants have to submit two formal assignments (usually an individual and group assignment) for each module. The minimum participation mark (average mark obtained for the assignments) is 40% to qualify for the writing of the final examination. To pass a module, a participant has to obtain a final mark of 50% (or more). The weight of the participation mark is 40% and that of the examination mark is 60% in the determination of the final mark. A sub-minimum of 40% must also be obtained in the examination of each module to pass that specific module. To obtain the FMP cum laude (with a distinction), the participant has to complete the programme within one academic block (6 months) and has to obtain an average of at least 75% for the four modules.

Method of assessment
Learning objectives will be accomplished through the following mix of methods and activities: self-tuition, analysis and discussion of actual cases; in-class individual and group assignments and exercises; and lectures and presentations.



Programme number
H01 100 1

Mode of delivery

Target group
The FMP is for first level managers like frontline managers; supervisors and team leaders and also prepares promising individuals (“emerging”) for entry into management positions.

Programme Leader

Dr Ntseliseng Khumalo

Dr Ntseliseng (Tsidi) Khumalo is a lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at NWU Business School. She also serves as programme manager for the executive education short learning programme in Fundamental Management. She serves on various committees within the Business School as the following; chairperson of the People Management Scientific Committee, MBA Admissions Committee, and the Community Engagement Committee.

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